Auckland Investment Club was set up to help Kiwi Investors make decisions on how to get good returns on their savings. There are many ways to make money and even more ways to lose it. It is tough to find people and companies you can trust with your money.

We do not have anything to sell you. No funds, no ‘investment opportunities’.

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Lots of companies have hidden and/or high fees and the returns they talk about are inflated. Measuring the risk vs reward is difficult because it’s time consuming and information is not freely available. Incentives in the industries involving investments can cloud the advice you receive. There are people selling KiwiSaver funds to their clients and their personal savings are managed by a different provider! There are investment advisers selling diverse portfolios that carry fees and consultation costs and their portfolios are concentrated and vary significantly from their suggestions. Even worse, there are ‘money managers’ that have no money! Living pay-check to pay-check.

So, we decided to form a club to meet like-minded investors who dabble in the markets, read the columns and commentary, form strong opinions on their investment philosophies but are open-minded enough to accept and dismiss ideas where appropriate.

Many of the members will already have shares, probably a selection of NZ companies, and the basis for these chosen companies is hard to pinpoint. Often the reason for investing in these companies is ‘I like the product/founder/idea/potential/feeling of it’.

If you have money to invest, we hope to encourage you that term deposits at your bank is probably not the right investment if you’re looking to build your nest egg. The Auckland Investment Club has great friends, great minds, and great advice.

If you are curious about the people behind AKL.INVSTMNT.CLUB here is more info.

Andrew Malcolm - set up the club to bring investor friends together with an excuse for some food and a few drinks. To meet some new friends as we discuss investment and capital allocation ideas. It also has the benefit of being able to line up speakers and guests who are hard to reach 1 on 1.

“My company helps property investors with mortgages and investment decisions and cannot directly advise on investing in shares etc. What I wanted to build was a social group and platform to help friends and clients learn more about their options without me having to give tailored advice.

I would love more members to help arrange events and push the club in the direction best suited to those who want advice and to learn. My ideas are probably not 100% right and I am aware we need a team of people to shape the club’s future and benefits to members.

You can email if you would like to reach me.”