Sam Stubbs: Investing Strategies that Start Small but Scale

April 16 2019

Sam is the founder of Simplicity, the fastest growing KiwiSaver fund in New Zealand. He's telling stories and talking investment strategies.

Sam Stubbs is the managing director of Simplicity, the fastest growing KiwiSaver fund in New Zealand. Prior to founding Simplicity he was the CEO Of Tower Investments and also spent 10 years working for Goldman Sachs in London and Hong Kong.

Sam is an incredible individual who in his words ‘got to a stage where I wanted to give the most back to New Zealand I could’, after a whiteboard session and a lot of thought he concluded that the largest impact he could make would be too create a KiwiSaver fund with the lowest possible fees… so he and a team constructed simplicity as a nonprofit KiwiSaver fund, using a passive investment style and by charging members only what it costs - they have fees as low as 0.31%. (Psst this is about 22% of typical fees).

We have asked Sam to tell some stories and talk about investment strategies that start small and scale, but have given him total freedom to gauge the room, interact with you and go wherever the wind takes us.

Tickets will “sell out” as we’ve booked an intimate space for around 100 people. So grab your free ticket now, come along, have a complimentary drink and enjoy an evening packed with investment learning and meeting great people.